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In January 2020, we reached out to Kelly to begin our pursuit of a 'final' home in Raleigh, NC. Almost 3 months to the day, we were in our new home! The expeditiousness of our move is more impressive when you consider 1) the comprehensiveness of our search, and 2) the onset of COVID-19. We are eternally grateful to Kelly and her team. We have moved multiple times for work, and without question, Kelly is the best real estate agent I've worked with. I have endless examples of her skills, but two themes standout out. First is Kelly's uncanny ability to see things the buyer and seller don't see. Countless times Kelly would walk through a home, or perform pre- or post-walkthrough research, and point out yellow or red flags. I trusted highly in Kelly's investigative abilities, and to be real with us rather than try and persuade us. The second theme is Kelly's ability to 'get things done.' Despite being a popular and busy agent, Kelly never made us wait for showings, paperwork, etc. At first, I wasn't sure how she could be so on point - since we have trouble doing the same in our own occupations. However, after 3 months with Kelly, I've picked up on a few attributes: 1) She works extremely hard; 2) Is sensitive and accommodating to the buyer/sellers off-hour schedule; 3) Has an amazing team; and 4) Based on her experience and track record, has a large circle of influence. While we hope to be in our new home for awhile, we would instantly hire Kelly in the event of future real estate endeavors. The outcome speaks for itself, but she made our experience fun. We are so, so appreciative of Kelly.

by Corey & Maria Simon

I can't sing the praises of Kelly DeBrosse and her awesome team enough. They were all very professional, efficient, and helpful. I watched the team prepare a property in another neighborhood and sell it immediately, and I knew I wanted to meet the realtor - Kelly. I called and set up an appt. and was not disappointed. I had spoken with other realtors who advised us to start lower on our price, but Kelly saw that it was special, and she had it sold for us in about 3 months when other properties in our neighborhood were taking a year or more to move at much lower prices! We had a few glitches with our buyers, and Kelly took care of everything with excellent negotiation skills. This was very important for us since it was a very emotional time to begin with. It was great to trust that we were in good hands and that she would handle things. I also have the same praises for everyone on her team. Our home was beautifully staged; we received advice and assistance on repairs; and everyone was very honest and made us feel very well taken care of. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend meeting with Kelly DeBrosse to discuss your home sale. She's awesome at what she does!!

by Nancy E.

Honest, professional, great at negotiations and understands the market! I highly recommend Kelly and her team. We had a very difficult house to sell and were positive we would make very little money on our house, if it sold at all. We interviewed Kelly to sell our house and were blown away with her enthusiasm and ideas. Kelly was positive she could sell our house at a great price. Kelly and her team staged the house and it looked amazing! The advertising, pictures taken of our house and information packet were extremely impressive. We put the house up for sale and received an offer of almost full price on the second showing! When it came time to buy our next house, Kelly and her team again stepped up and found us the perfect home. Kelly works magic! Kelly and her team are worth every penny. Hiring Kelly was one of THE BEST decisions we have ever made. Kelly is extremely honest - which is exactly what you want in your Realtor. She knows what needs to be done to stage a home to make it sell quickly. She is brilliant at negotiations, understands the market and know exactly what needs to be done to buy or sell a home. Kelly is easy to talk with, easy to reach and has a great sense of humor. If we ever decide to sell our home, Kelly will be our realtor. I cannot recommend her and her team highly enough.

by Jeannie D.

Kelly sold my house in August 2016 This Real Estate Team was fantastic! The staging was magnificent! Kelly herself, was very prompt in responding to my wacky questions and concerns. Kelly advised us and was thorough in her reasoning and I'd definitely use her Real Estate Team again. Every Detail was met. There was no pre-conceived notion our home would sell in a week due to a big incline on the driveway. Constant communications were key to selling our home and the concerns of the house. It sold and I couldn't be more pleased with the way that Kelly DeBrosse maintained professionalism and courtesy and had such knowledge of things I couldn't conceive during the process of selling a home! She is amazing. Worked with Debbie Boosinger to buy another home and this woman is a go-getter! She was very protective of our interests and what we were looking for. She helped get the price down when it was necessary and advised us when the Seller was over-pricing their home. Great Team! Thanks!

by Grace M.

Kelly sold my house in May 2016 in 17 days. I'm not sure that we would have been able to sell our home that quickly without her team and their teamwork! They provided contractors to help fix up the house, staged the house, and worked out a great scheduled way for potential buyers to show our home. She also provided contacts for other sources throughout the home selling process. We would definitely use her in the future!

by Kish K.